Distributor Training with Enagic Atlanta!

This event will give you the tools to Jump start your business with Enagic USA. It is an INTERACTIVE TRAINING. You do the work! You will be working with and supporting other business builders like yourself just like would have to do for your team. Learn the simple keys you can turn every day to create what is needed in your life by learning to DO what is necessary to have others Join you in Enagic.

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Is Network Marketing Really for you?

They are saying that the new Professional is in the Network Marketing Profession. As many find it difficult to find work or may not have the college degrees required to step into corporate life. Are you considering Network Marketing? Do you want to know what is truly required? Can it be done in a way you where you are not ruining relationships, feeling like a cheap salesperson? What are the daily actions required to become a professional in this industry. In game format you will learn the things required to be a network marketing professional how residual income really works and figure out whether its for you.

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1 Kit 7 Demo's

Present Like a Pro!

Wow your prospects with this fun insightful mini demo!  This training will give you what you need to help your prospects understand that all waters are not created equal and that Enagic leads the way in water ionization worldwide.


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