Nikima Frenche CPC has been in the business arena for over 20 years.  licensed in the wellness industry as a aesthetician with a passion for service and a graduate of the both the Aveda Skin Institute and the Institute of  Culinary Education (ICE) in Culinary Management.

She combined both skill sets and launched her own Day Spa & Private Tea Room in New York.  Nikima has also been on the road as a Wellness educator and corporate technical trainer working with business owners in the wellness industry on skills necessary to assure their clients receive the best care possible. She is also a team builder and trainer in the network marketing industry.  Facilitation of understanding is her driving force for serving others.

“Wellness is not only about what we eat, place on our skin and our daily spiritual practice.  It includes how we live life, our life styles including how we interact with others and create financial abundance.  I believe that anyone can become a professional in business.  Business includes being hired for any  job and how you show up for that job.   Business gives us the framework for surviving in a ever evolving society.  I see business as a discipline that draws on a combination of insights into psychology, strategy, skills, and best practices.   This can be taught and learned through conceptual training.

I provide personalized and interactive training experiences no matter the current skill level for businesses and teams including 1- 5 day sales training classes for individuals and small groups as well as one on one coaching.

Whether you’re seeking to begin a new career in sales, improve your sales performance or manage a sales team I will provide you with the experience and expertise to generate the desired results.”